Iā€™m an researcher currently at OpenAI. My research interests are in universal learning mechanisms that work at scale. I graduated from UC Berkeley in 2021 where I worked with Pieter Abbeel and Igor Mordatch on reinforcement learning and sequence modeling.

Email: kzl at berkeley dot edu


2022-2023 ā€” Hudson River Trading AI Labs

I worked on applied AI research for high-frequency trading, studying deep learning in a noisy, low-latency setting.

2021-2022 ā€” Facebook AI Research

I worked on fundamental AI research studying how we could scale Decision Transformer with new capabilities, such as multi-task, in-context learning, and online exploration.

2018-2021 ā€” UC Berkeley

My research focused on the universal power of sequence modeling and how to leverage offline data to for reinforcement learning.

I also spent a significant portion of my undergrad life teaching.


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